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Kingsland – “Kingsland is a brand that aims for the best, both in quality, appearance and profile! In Charlotte Dujardin, we have found it all! She is a sincere, beautiful individual with a graceful attitude, as well as being an exceptional rider and role model in the sport of Dressage. Together we will create a small Signature Line that will be available from 2016. To have Charlotte dressed in Kingsland is an achievement and I will be very proud watching her at the various arenas in the years to come”
– Kingsland CEO Carsten Mikkelsen. 

Equipe – Equipe supply and fit Charlotte with saddles for her string of horses. The saddle she is using on Valegro is the Emporio Dressage Special Monoflap and loves that the saddle is so light and she feels it helps put her in that perfect position. You can purchase Equipe products through Zebra Products.

Saracen Horse Feeds – “Charlotte’s growing success on the International Dressage scene has been incredible to watch and follow. Her success is an inspiration to young riders all over and she does it with such charm, personality and class that we can’t help but adore her.” www.saracenhorsefeeds.com

Charles Owen – Charlotte became the first Dressage rider to win an Olympic gold medal while wearing a helmet after she took top honours at the London 2012 Olympic games. http://www.charlesowen.co.uk

Roeckl Sports Gloves – Proud sponsors to Charlotte Dujardin. Distributed in the UK by Charles Owen. www.roeckl.de

Absorbine – Absorbine recognizes Charlotte Dujardin as an ideal ambassador for its worldwide products and presence, and celebrates the opportunity to sponsor her. “We have followed Miss Dujardin’s international success since the London Olympics, and have been very impressed with her routinely elegant performances and unprecedented achievements,” says Chris Jacobi, General Manager, Equine Division at Absorbine. “We are pleased to support her continued success. Even more than her accomplishments, it is her determination, ambition, and unconditional love for a horse that we truly admire.” http://www.absorbine.com

Acavallo – Charlotte has used Acavallo Gel for many years and believes it contributes to the comfort and freedom of her horses. She says: “Valegro particularly enjoys the therapeutic gel pads under his saddle and the beautiful lambskin adds that special touch, as well as a super soft shock absorbing layer. I wouldn’t be without them!”

Bucas – “We are delighted that our sponsored rider Charlotte Dujardin achieved outstanding success at the London 2012 Olympic Games – Individual and Team Gold.”  www.bucas.com

Boss Horseboxes – Charlotte Dujardin has a custom-made lorry created with her and Valegro painted on the side. The team and individual Olympic gold medalist teamed up with Boss Horseboxes to create a new bespoke lorry to transport her horses in style. “These past 2 years have been life changing for me and I will cherish these moments forever. I am delighted that my bespoke Boss box shouts loud and proud that British Dressage has entered a new era, in which we are proud to be a part of.”

Centaur – The ORIGINAL AND BEST heated horse rug dryer on the market – designed to keep your horse warm, dry and happy. Charlotte loves her Centaur heated rug dryer as they prolong the life of her horses rugs and clothing. It  more than pay for itself over a long rainy winter season. www.horserugdriers.co.uk.
“Centaur Horse Blanket Dryers are proud supporters of Charlotte Dujardin. To be associated with a rider of such immense talent and humilty is truly a privilege and we look forward to a long partnership with her going forward”

WHIS – WHIS is the newest generation of Horse Instruction Systems and you can recognize it with the distinct red arrow and the best headsets Charlotte has ever found for use in teaching and training. http://www.whis.nl

FMBs Therapy Systems – Equine physiotherapy equipment for suppleness, fitness and rehabilitation. Magnetic and Massage Rugs, Boots, Laser, Treadmills, Equisox plus FilmMe – automatic HD zooming video system for instant playback or live viewing. http://www.fmbs.co.uk

Annabel Brocks – Inspiring fashion accessories including headbands, scarves and ponchos in the finest faux fur. Co-designs with Charlotte coming 2015

Bridgette Anne Smart Fine Art – Bridgette has been a long term supporter of Charlotte and she is priviledged to have received a portrait of her horse of a lifetime ‘Valegro’ Bridgette is currently undertaken a painting of Fernandez, the horse which launched Charlotte’s successful career. www.basmart.co.uk


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